Was Nayele Ametefeh Ibrahim Mahama’s Girlfriend?

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Comment: Drug Peddlers

Bongo Bongo
2014-11-30 14:49:06
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Ibrahima owes Ghana a duty to answer

I despair and get very much dismayed when such headlines appear globally involving Ghana. With the current news about drugs all of us irrespective of whether a passport is legitimately obtained through our birth right or citizenship of the country of abode, one is still scrutinised at the ports. Anyone who travels to any part of the world knows what I mean.

Could all please stop calling these ‘drug’ suppliers 'barons and baronesses' they don't fit the image of such titles.

Kofi, by the way I like your analysis you are by far, better than some who use such incidents as a political or tribal discourse. Most of us know who they are and they know themselves.

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Bongo Bongo on Nov 30, 2014 14:49