Distinguish between Soli and Tapoli

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Okonko Palm
2014-12-03 02:27:18
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Distinguish between Soli and Tapoli

To imply soli is a legitimate honorarium as against tapoli by your difition is preposterous to say the least.Where do you draw the line between subtle influences and work done as advert and legitimate news reporting.The whole idea of a press house is to report legitimate news for living and this is done through hard work

You may have allowed yourself to be misled by the defition you give to both of these currupt practices which fall under bribery and undue influence.There is a difference between advertisement for work done and appearance money.Soli is a currupt practice because the end result is the temptation to skew the news favourably so that you would be invited alway to cover the the invited business house or company's publicity under the guise of news.So on the basis of your argument the more you give the more the press give you fovourable publicity which is entirely against the ethics of the proffession.

Soli is bribery and curruption and the fact that some press houses are too poor to be competitive without soli is not a good excuse.To say that they should be allowed that allowance to facitate their work is a crass suggestion.If you don't have the means and facility to be competitive then you are vulnerable to to undue influence and curruption so the best advice is to shut down your paper or join hands with a more reputable press house who are in a better position to finance their work force.

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