Nana Akufo-Addo, Is Ghana a Church?

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Comment: Mahama has/is not fighting corruption

Kofi Ata, Cambridge, UK
2014-12-06 11:53:09
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Re: Nana Akufo-Addo, Is Ghana a Church?

Okonko Palm, I did not in any way suggest that corruption is a recent phenomenon in Ghana. I saw the Generals Acheampong and Akufo days. Corruption is as old as society itself and it's everywhere, except that in some societies they are good at dealing with the culprits when caught.

I totally disagree with you that Mahama's government has been the one that has fought and still fighting corruption. We hear about corruption more often because of development in and accessibility to IT such as Whatsapp, social media and increasing media activities in Ghana.

When it comes to the fight against corruption, President Mahama in his State of the Nation's address in 2013, promised to do something about the huge public wage bill. Since then it has become crystal clear that, at least, a third of the public wage bill could be on ghost names. Just days ago it was reported that the Educational Service has identified and removed about 40,000 ghost names from its pay roll. Have you heard anyone being sanctioned or punished for the 40,000 ghost names? Only those at the National Service Secretariat have been arrested.

Let's look at GYEEDA, SADA and Woyome corruption. The GYEEDA/SADA trials are going no where and after following the trial through the media reports, it is obvious that the State is more likely to fail. If it fails, I will blame Mahama and his Attorney General because they did not do a good job. That is not an indication of someone determined to or fighting corruption. Regrading the Woyome illegal judgement debt payments, has the money been refunded as ordered by the Supreme Court? No. Instead Woyome is being tried in a case that Woyome will win. How can the trial be genuine when the major players such as Betty Mould Iddrisu, Mr Samuel Neequaye-Tetteh and others were not called by the State as prosecuting witnesses. Is that a commitment to fighting corruption? With the GYEEDA/SADA funds wrongly paid to businesses under fraudulent contracts that were never delivered have also not been collected. In effect, those companies have been given huge interest free loans by the state through corruption and now being asked to pay over time. Last but not the least, President Mahama abused his position to let those who looted funds for the World Cup to go free by establishing a presidential commission so that those found to have misused public funds could not be tried under the Ghana@50 High Court ruling.

Mahama is pretending to be fighting corruption but in reality, he is worst than a Bishop. He does not want to offend anyone. Even he cannot dismiss his appointees when they have failed. He chose to set up a new ministry for power instead of sacking the Energy Minister. When he appeared to have dismissed the MD of Electricity Company of Ghana, he caved in when workers threatened to go on strike and said he wants to reassign him to the new ministry of power. The man who is mismanaging electricity supply and cannot even handle the 'dumsor' schedule efficiently is now being posted to deal with national policy on power. What a joke? That is the Bishop leadership mentality that I was pointing out to Nana Akufo-Addo.

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Kofi Ata, Cambridge, UK on Dec 6, 11:53
Mahama has/is not fighting corruption