President, NDC Chair & Gs: Embarrassing Ghanaians

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Comment: Shallow AFAG propaganda

Abeeku Mensah
2015-01-26 08:22:17
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President, NDC Chair & Gs: Embarrassing Ghanaians

When will Ghanaians care about what other Ghanaians think instead of what the British think or report on Ghana? The British has more to be embarrassed about for a lifetime than Ghana will ever need to be were it not for NPP leadership that is so bought and sold by their puppet masters in the UK they tend not to know their heads from their bottoms.
Today's America rose out of the British being fed up with the unelected British monarchy and now the British follow America's lead like puppets. If the British along with the NPP wants to dwell on a political party chairperson wearing a winter coat belonging to his spouse in a public ceremony then so be it because there are more bread and butter issues affecting lives in Ghana to resolve for the best in Ghana to think about presumed wealthy wannabe snobs.

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Abeeku Mensah on Jan 26, 2015 08:22