Is Kumawu Tweneboah Koduah Secondary School Now a Police Camp?

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Comment: Tortured reasoning & diabolic incitement

kk, USA
2015-02-02 08:17:31
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Is Kumawu Tweneboah Koduah Secondary School Now a

I will kindly plead with you as an old student of TKSS (but not from Kumawu) to desist from unnecessarily disrespecting & maliciously attacking the head of the Asante kingdom because things did not go your way.Don't give the chance for people to ridicule the Asantes & their kingdom.Remember, a kingdom divided will not stand. Don't be deluded into thinking that you have the entire support of the old students.I am persuaded that such attitude of bitterness & rancor is what is retarding the development & progress of Kumawu. If you care so much about the institution of chieftancy then don't destroy it.If you're indeed a christian and a man of peace and you are convinced things did not go right, leave vengeance to the Lord. Where you're heading is diametrically opposed to peace and it be futile. Please, choose the highway.

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kk, USA on Feb 2, 08:17
Tortured reasoning & diabolic incitement