Ashanti Regional Minister, Hon Sarpong Is An Apology Of A Minister

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Comment: infantile talk

2015-02-02 06:39:00
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Ashanti Regional Minister, Hon Sarpong Is An Apolo

Mr TEIN president it is very clear that you are being very selfish. Is Dr the sarpong the regional minister or the Minister for TEIN.
If you proceed this way the other voters will allow you alone to proceed with electing the NDC and you will see what will happen.
It is now very clear that you students have your own personal interests and not the interest of the region to protect.
are the resources of the region region to be used for political party affairs?
You have just offered the opposition enough ammunition to use on you. Do not complain when you are severely criticized.
God bless us all if you and your type are the leaders being groomed for Ghana.
your immaturity knows no bounds.

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