Who Are Indirectly Causing The Downfall of Asantehene & Asanteman?

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Comment: To all those who think Adofo is a coward

2015-02-24 05:21:34
Comment to:
@ Adodfo

You guys are cowards with your insults without really contributing any facts to dispute what he says about our Asantehene. Have you guys ever criticized any of our leaders in society or even in your families? And did you always go before the person to do so? He is okay where he is, the truth is what matters. Asantehene is going to Fall hard unless he change his greedy ways, Kumawuman will not surrender to his Greedy will period, why isn't any true Asante kings coming to his aide?, we are RISING and he is going to feel it soon.

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Omanba on Feb 24, 2015 05:21
To all those who think Adofo is a coward