Who Are Indirectly Causing The Downfall of Asantehene & Asanteman?

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Comment: @ Adofo, Rockson

2015-02-24 07:12:20
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Who Are Indirectly Causing The Downfall of Asanteh

Those who truly care about issues, like Martin Luther King, approach it without regard to their very lives. My issue is not whether Asantehene is right or wrong. This is about the approach that this man has resorted to. The forum is getting a little saturated with this garbage.
If it means that much to Adofo he should go to the Ghana and fight the good fight. For him to stay 3000 miles away and instigate civil disobedience is not the way to go. I am a native of Kumawu but I care about what happens in Kumasi and Ashanti as a whole.
He should fly down from London or Canada or wherever he is and challenge the legality of the Queenmother/Otumfuo's Choice. After all Ghana is a free country and the last time I checked the courts were available to take any case brought before it. This is call being selfless and believing in a cause. Cowards instigate and stay safe away from the firestorms that they create.
This is an apt description of Adofo.

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Enoba on Feb 24, 2015 07:12
@ Adofo, Rockson