Earnest Advice To “Kumawuhene” Barimah Sarfo Tweneboah Koduah

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Comment: Asante/Akan custom

2015-03-05 07:50:26
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Earnest Advice To “Kumawuhene” Barimah Sarfo T

Asante/Akan custom it is only the queenmother who is allowed to select and present a candidate to the kingmakers for consideration and she has three choices if all are rejected by the kingmakers then, only then that she and together with the kingmakers select a candidate acceptable to all of them to be installed a chief. In Kumawu case the kingmakers took money/bribe to accept her choice but got greedy and demanded more that was why Asanteman and Asantehene came in to support the queenmother. The kingmakers took the money/bribe they should also fulfil their obligation and Asanteman made sure of that. Anybody who can't accept that is an idiot and a fool who can not utilise their God given brains effectively.

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Jane on Mar 5, 07:50
Asante/Akan custom