Earnest Advice To “Kumawuhene” Barimah Sarfo Tweneboah Koduah

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Comment: Re: Asante/Akan custom

2015-03-05 23:17:25
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Asante/Akan custom

Jane listen to yourself, from your comments you are agreeing that there were bribery involved in the process of choosing Dr Sarfo. Correct??
Isn't the one taking bribes and the one giving the bribe equally guilty?
And remember no one accused the queen-mother of bribing the kingmakers, she said so herself.
Why is she offering or agreeing to give bribe in the first place since we all know that it is her right as a queen to select a candidate? I am so ashamed at most Ghanians especially our Kings who insisted that the king makers should fulfill their obligation because they accepted bribe from the queen, WOW.
Osei Tutu II said it himself when he first became Asantehene that, anyone who pay bribes to secure a throne should be dethroned. About twenty-five of our Asante kings, including the then Otumfuo, met years ago on this same issue of bribery during kingmaking and overwhelmingly declared that such practices should not be allowed to go on.
When are we as a society going to eliminate such Cancer(bribery)from our society??

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Omanba on Mar 5, 23:17
Re: Asante/Akan custom