The State of the Nation Address by President Mahama

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Comment: Fake promise and fail pepeni president

insight to the bone
2015-04-06 03:58:22
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Your president is clueless and inept

Nobody can hide the light and true destiny of the great nation of Akan. they use all kinds of schemes and tricks to undermine or deny a proper standard to us but we shall never surrender. we shall change and adapt as like the Israelis we are the chosen people of God and he in his great design has made us diverse but unified in spirit. the ashantis like the tribe of Judah are and will remain an integral part of our being to to attack any one part we all end up feeling it sooner or later. they have succeed in turning some of our chiefs and kings against us and work for their evil ungodly agenda but we still see clearly . God has brought us into the 21st century and with that a new system of governance and state of mind based on democracy since it is HE alone who blesses the individuals with the gift of leadership wisdom and justice irrespective of status at birth. he has shown us the blue print of the way forward in the bible and other holy books and the time has come to free ourselves from this man made bondage called Ghana. just as in the Ukraine we must fight so the truth will come out , fear not the battle as they will crumble like the walls of Jericho . cast away our so called fake leaders and politicians who are nothing but cowards and like our enemies fear even their own shadows . yes God has put a million fears in their empty bodies as he who does not fear the Lord , the Lord will ensure all fears of the world will reside in him. They threaten us with superstition , juju and what have you and we say fuck you and go to hell as the divine power is with us . Yes all the tribes of Akan are fingers on the same hands and God has ordained we remain united so our strength and light will be visible throughout the whole world and universe , our time has come . everyday its becoming clearer and clearer to all children of Akan that we must prepare mentally for a battle of freedom . they come with tricks that say we must take a non Akan as our leader because its nice ? do they not think that out of 30 million Akans we can not find sensible down to earth leaders and warriors to lead our own people to our own destiny? a govt of the people and by the people is what the 21st century democracy is all about . let them continue to play with the consensus and other figures that justify their fantasy and enable them to marginalize the participation of the Akan majority in the Affairs of their own land , to marginalize us thus preventing us to afford a better standard for our people . The hand of God has given them pestilence after pestilence, failure after failure but they refuse to let our people go , soon they will be swept away like chaff in the hurricane of fury .

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