South african attacks: condemnation is not the solution

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2015-04-20 01:38:17
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exnophobic in south africa

Ghanaians MUST apologise to black Africans and the whole of black race in general, for introducing 'Black on Black Discriminations' through the satanic ACO order in the 60s by that Demented, Wicked and Eurocentric Asshanti Kofi Abrefa Busia, (that has now metamorphosed into blacks killing blacks in mama Africa). Ghanaians sowed the 'SATANIC SEEDS OF XENOPHOBIC HATRED' on the soil of mama Africa in the 60s. That is a fact! Never in the history of mama Africa that you sees your fellow black Africans as 'Aliens'; but thanks to the Ghanaians xenophobic ACO's PRECEDENT, Africans are not only 'DISCRIMINATING' against themselves but are now killings each others. That was Ghanaians legacy to Africa. What a SHAME indeed!

Although, Ghanaians introduced ACO to get rid of Nigerians who were prospering in Ghana then, out of ENVINESS, konkonsa, back biting, pull him down and JEALOUSY, but their satanic acts has now turns Africans into SAVAGES in the eyes of the whole world. What a shame.

Moreover, many mansions "owned" by many Ghanaians were confiscated from Nigerians or forced the Nigerian owners to sell to them, (UNDER DURESS), at prices which could not buy the cement used to build the houses at the time. Ghanaians are sitting on STOLEN PROPERTIES. This is an 'OPEN SECRET.' Ghanaians decendants and beneficiaries of that HEINOUS ACO acts would surely die of GUILTY CONSCIENCE, (UNTIL THEY MAKE A RESTITUTIONS AND PUBLICLY APOLOGISE TO NIGERIA DESCENDATS' OF THE VICTIMS OF WICKED AND SATANIC ASSHANTI KOFI ABREF BUSIA, ACO), THEN...??? I RESERVED MY COMMENT.

I hereby DEMAND that Ghanaians government and the people of Ghana MUST apologised to Nigerians victims of that Satanic Asshanti Kofi Abrefa Busia's ACO, (and RETURN their stolen properties), and the whole of Africans and black race in general for 'PLANTING THE SEEDS OF HATRED' and 'BLACK ON BLACK DISCRIMINATIONS' on the soil of mama Africa. Is that too much to ask for?

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