South african attacks: condemnation is not the solution

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Comment: Cease Ethnic Hatred And Argue Better

Dr. SAS, Attorney at Law
2015-04-20 13:56:15
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1. Kofi Busia is not an Asante. He is a Bono, if you know the diference.

2. In any case, I don't see how "tribe" has anything to do with a patently bad policy. Your injection of Asante bashing into a serious issue distracts from the matter you are trying to put across.

3. I have long held that the Alien Compliance Order (ACO) which was actually the brainchild of Nkrumah's Deportation Act of 1957, was bad law and bad policy. But you cloud the issue by making it appear that a bad policy enacted over half a century ago has anything to do with the xenophobia anywhere today. By now, all consequences of that unfortunate enactment should attenuate.

5. The above notwithsatnding, your suggestion of an apology or restitution for any past wrongs is worthy of consideration, and you will do far better with your advocacy if you do not conflate the issue with your atavistic ethnic hatred of Asantes.

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