Islam And Sanitation ……. My Take!

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Comment: Nobody will go for islam now

Bubakar, Accra
2015-04-21 10:49:03
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Islam And Sanitation ……. My Take!

islam is nothing but plagiarism read the book, sources of islam, by rev. Saint Clair Tisdal. i read the quran, hadiths and many islamic books, but today i prefer to be a Christian because i don't want to be associated with evil. Those hv read the quran will bear with me the quran is blowin hot and cold leaving moslems divided. those who want execute exactly what the quran says(known as fundamentalist) killing Christians, Jews and pagans qu:9:5 , qu5:51 etc and those who hv seen these verses but think rhat they refer to some ppast period and not nnow.The quran and ththe devil are one and the same thing. one can use iit to kill, cause accidents, invoke curses, woo women even if they are married. Why i now hate islam is becausese of tthe distortion of facts abt Jesus. formlly when i urinate, i hv to was my p,part. when i think of lifes lost because of islam i now hate islam. stop using islam as an example.Those

who don't wash their hans their feet and nose are better. They wish everybody well.

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Bubakar, Accra on Apr 21, 2015 10:49
Nobody will go for islam now