Yvonne Nelson, Lydia Forson and Mahama agree on Dumsor

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Comment: An open letter to Forson

2015-06-09 23:17:23
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Yvonne Nelson, Lydia Forson and Mahama agree on Du

An open letter to Lydia Forson, the so-called acclaimed celebrity.

A fool they say talks without thinking, and this is the perfect example of a foolish fool who calls her self Lydia Forson clothed in the deceptive attire of an actress and acclaimed celebrity just because she won the African movie academy awards.

Over the years I have watched you rant and run your mouth about people and happenings within and outside this country, at first I thought you were just a concerned citizen trying to air her views and express her self owing to the fact that every human being has the freedom of expression, but as time went on, I noticed u were not doing it with the right intention and sincerity of heart but rather to draw attention to yourself and increase your rating as a so called celebrity, that reminds me, what even makes you a celebrity, I can't remember seeing you in up to 15 African movies, anyway let me drop that topic for later, like I was saying, instead of sharing your views on matters that concerned you, you went a step ahead to criticize people, which at first I didn't really consider a big deal since matters are meant to be criticized to see if the policies in place are good enough, but hey, when you criticize the very first thing critics do is that, they suggest or even proffer solutions to the matters on ground,but NO you dont do so, rather you go about insulting people, running your mouth like a tap every where you can and saying all sorts of rubbish you feel like pouring out.
First, it was on the issue of you insulting your Facebook friends and calling them all sorts of names, probably because you thought you where no longer on the same terrain with them.
Secondly, you this same Lydia Forson insulted a writer for Ghanaweb.com by name mr Adeyemi, and another writer for Nigerianfilms.com one mr mustapha ayinde AkA attractive Ayinde.
As if that was not enough, you went ahead to paint a very nasty picture of the Ebola situation in Nigeria simply because you had the opportunity to be invited, whilst the country was trying to save lives and prevent the spread, maybe that one didn't really go as wide as you wanted, but some people still heard about it
You didn't stop there, you went ahead to blast an anointed man of God for preaching a sermon concerning respect in marriage and self honesty, as for that one, it just showed how shallow minded and indisciplined you are, for that I will leave you to God to give you the punishment due you, remember " touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm"
Lydia Forson, you did not stop there, you again went ahead to say " mahama is that school kid who always comes last" I mean how more insulting can you be, look I know you lived abroad okay, but here in Africa we respect our elders, am sure president mahama even if he weren't the president is still older than your father.
Now here you are again, posting a very sarcastic message in regards to the June 3 disaster. Instead of sending condolences just like your colleagues are doing and then waiting for the mourning period to be over before you begin your mouth running,

Well for your information, you are not a real celebrity until you begin to touch lives with what u got, look out there, there's Akon supplying electricity to over 600 million Africans, you are here hashtagging dumsor must stop, there's John Dumelo going round AFRICA to promote the name of Ghana, there's okyeame kwame with his cancer support campaign, there's Beca supporting kids with Autism just to mention but a few, but because of how lazy and dumb you are, you just lie down in the comfort of your couch and post all sorts of trash on Social Media.

Stop relying on past glories, just because you won the African movie Academy awards in 2010 does not give you the impetus to misbehave, grow up girl, the world is civilized..

I drop my keypad here for the sake of time and also to attend to other businesses of more importance but I wanna leave you with these bible verse since you are so good at quoting bible verses to backup your nonsense posts. Proverbs 5:3-5 " the lips of a strange woman drop as an honey comb, and her mouth is smoother than oil, but her end is bitter as wormwood, share as a two edged sword. Her feet go down to earth , HER STEPS TAKE HOLD TO HELL" change your ways Lydia, for pride goes before a fall.

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soloKoko on Jun 9, 23:17
An open letter to Forson