Who Is Ghana Bar Association Deceiving?

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Comment: GBA suit is Ill- fated

Dr. SAS, Attorney at Law
2015-07-04 04:06:45
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Who Is Ghana Bar Association Deceiving?

The appointing authority of the president is elastic enough to validate what the president did. And I personally believe that the GBA suit is dead on arrival and one more evidence that the GBA has established an artificial hiatus between the law and simple common sense......

That body has no limit in the ways in which it demonstrates cluelessness.

I personally had my doubts about the credentials of Pwamang because of his lack of judicial experience, and unimpressive academic record. But I can wait to comment on his performance.

Implicit in "advice" is the power to reject same, and if the Council indeed included the appointed two in their list, then their advice was not even rejected per se. The GBA suit is therefore frivolous on its face and will be thrown out by the Supreme Court.

And I hope Kofi does not come here tomorrow to subvert his own conclusion.

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Dr. SAS, Attorney at Law on Jul 4, 04:06
GBA suit is Ill- fated