Who Is Ghana Bar Association Deceiving?

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2015-07-04 05:04:46
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Who Is Ghana Bar Association Deceiving?

Leadership failure in this country, do they avert their minds to the fact that there are three arms of government under our governance structure? And let me say right up front that the Georgina Woode Court, has not shown any remarkable leadership as far as this plethora of frivolous constitutional challenges is concerned. look, but for the firm position taken by her Nigerian counterpart not to his court to be used a battleground to settle electoral matters, like her court had permitted, Nigeria, would still be embroiled in a 'senseless' presidential election dispute. We have also witnessed similar firm determination from other African SCs [Jurisdictions], that have saved these countries the agony and political polarization that often accompany these vexatious constitutional challenges.
If the CJ and her colleagues had been bold and determined to stamp out this 'nonsense' from the get go, I think this avalanche of heading to court by every Tom, Dick and Harry, would have been nipped in the bud!
And let nobody tell me all these vain attempts are intended to "deepen our democracy"; because than sooner, there will be no democracy to defend!

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Chawchaw on Jul 4, 05:04
When people talk about ........