Who Is Ghana Bar Association Deceiving?

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Comment: GBA is full of animals

2015-07-04 06:21:27
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Who Is Ghana Bar Association Deceiving?

GBA is the most useless body in this country apart from being the most corruptThey are bidding behind their jargons to cause disaffection for the government that have been elected by majority of Ghanaians. I did not see them raise a single issue with the 8 years stealing and looting of Kufour' s government not to talk of the packing of the supreme court to jail Tsatsu. So one wonders where this hopeless GBA, made up criminals were all along. They are always found their best to reduce the lowers of the president. All these is done to bring the npl criminals to power. But what they have forgotten is that, Ghanaians know them more than themselves. May the brains behind this subversion activities against the President know no peace with their family members.When imbecile idiots like Okudjeto can get up and talk shit against a better person. Shits and swines.

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Tony on Jul 4, 06:21
GBA is full of animals