No, Mr Terkper, you got it totally wrong

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2015-07-06 06:01:38
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Re: No, Mr Terkper, you got it totally wrong

The president had said that he tried to introduce electronic payment and acquisition systems into the public sector {to reduce human contact with cash} in his effort to fighting corruption, but lamented that the systems were often resisted.

When that became monotonous , Ghanaians began to wonder whether the president is serious and interested in fighting corruption as he claims, or just another crocodile tears to deceive them into believing that he is making an effort, while the government and its cronies amass billions of dollars at the expense of this struggling HIPC nation.

Now, and after failing to bring about any changes in the magnitude of the prevailing corruption in the country, he has again started to blame the judiciary for not doing enough to fight it, absolving himself from any responsibility while enjoying absolute powers vested in him by the "Rawlings' green book Constitution". They even claim the constitution gives him the power to appoint the EC chairperson without consulting any one.

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