You Bet, Ghana Is Ready For An RTI Law!

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Comment: K4's Govt Did Not Initiate RTI.

2015-07-08 01:50:17
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You Bet, Ghana Is Ready For An RTI Law!

All you do day-in and out is to fabricate lies. RTI bill law has been there since the 90's not 2000 as you stated and accorded the thievery K4 Govt with it's initiation.

If Kronfuor Initiated it, why was it not completed after eight good years of his administration? Can you tell the readers why? 8-years and nothing was in place. You these MACHO TALKERS,and AUTHORS, GHANAIANS are discerning enough to read between the lines. It is people like you who keep the NPP party down and down all time.

Heard of the Talensi By-election? Your JUJU and slaughtered chicken and money dolled out all did not win the elections and you are there still talking rubbish.

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