Stop Being Overly Subservient To Asantehene

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2015-07-11 08:32:38
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Stop Being Overly Subservient To Asantehene

The Ananangya/Odumase claim to the royalty of APEMSO (Kumawu) was but temporal. Their self-imposed reign was ushered in by a barbaric act perpetrated against The Apemso Royals. The scripture says, Let the tree be a bad one and its fruits will be equally bad. Their forebearer Adofoahyee left "home" i.e. Assumja after his failed contest for the Assumja stool. These folks after wandering like Normads were finally settled by Apemsohene Nana Kofi Siaw and were given protection from their would-be assailants. Baakamfo Siaw Odiawuo was succeeded by his brother Nana Kwasi Aboagye. It was during Nana Aboagye's reign that these immigrants from Assumja, The Ananangya/Odumase folks staged a coup d'tat to overthrow The Apemso administration to crown themselves rulers of Apemso. Their act was BARBARIC and CRUEL which almost eradicated all the men from The Royal Family of Apemso. Nana Aboagye died of the wounds he sustained at Aboofrem. Ths is how they became ACURSED.
Their short reign was mared with tragedy upon tragedy, even to the extent of INSANITY/MADNESS. Their average reign on their self-made stool was 4-5 years; (I stand to be corrected). Kumawuman suffered tremendously under this cursed group by wrongful association until God's appointed time that ushered in The Ankaase Dynasty. The records are there for all to see: longivity and stability returned to the throne, coupled with DEVELOPMENT.
Out of jealousy, these Ananangya/Odumase folks hatched a plot to bring The Ankaase Dynasty to his knees: hence The Infamous YEATEASEM ERA, which dragged young Barima Asumadu-Sakyi II to court over 1.5 million cedis. They end up spending over 100 billion cedis lining the pockets of lawyers and their likes all in a failed
attempts to topple Barima Asumadu-Sakyi II. Quality time to be spent on meaningful projects and developments were vwasted at courtrooms. These same sore loosers turned around and blame The Omanhene for the deplorable state Kumawuman find ourselves. ENOUGH OF THE LITIGATIONS, PERIOD! Enough of the accolade," Kumawufo' mansotwefo'. While others are pulling resources for development projects to benefit their people, Adofo and his cronies are bent on continuing the same old rugged road to poverty, MANSOTWEE. WE THE PEOPLE HAVE LEARNT A LESSON AND WILL NOT FALL FOR YOUR CALCULATED LIES AND INSTIGATIONS.

How did Kumawu chieftaincy affair found its way to Manhyia Palace?
Why invoke Otumfour's great oath if he is not superior?

My simple advice to Adofo and his cronies is , as acknowledged by Adofo himself, "When Asantehene Speaks, The Wise Listens" by Adofo Rockson, Ghanaweb - 20th March 2010.
Otumfour in his wisdom tried hard to impose hefty fines on the Krontihene, Aduanahene, Akwamuhene and Bodomasehene to unite with the Queenmother to instal her nomited one in the person of the then Dr. Yaw Sarfo. The Wise one amongst them listened and still commanding respect among his people. The rest who did not listen to the wise council of Otumfour has vanished into thin air.
All doubting Thomas' should come to Kumawu and see for themselves that BARIMA has hit the groung running and there is no turning back. With God on our side, The Lights of Apemso will SHINE again.

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OMANBAPA KD on Jul 11, 2015 08:32