Stop Being Overly Subservient To Asantehene

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Comment: patapaa people

2015-07-11 16:09:15
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Learn to respect

The people of Kumawu think that Asante belongs to them. They always bluff that they are the bravest people in Ghana: all because of Tweneboa Kodua. They forget that a leper killed their chief at Saibuso, after which Tweneboa Kodua was enstooled as Kumawuhene. Did the people of Kumawu know the number of chiefs who lost their lifes in numerous wars they fought? What is bravery? Bravery is a word used to describe a person who achieves a feat to help the people, not to act 'patapaa' to the people, as Kumawu people are notorious for.

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yensiamoa on Jul 11, 2015 16:09