Does the New Patriotic Party have Ghana at heart?

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Comment: Desperate Writer Clutching at Straws

Charles Agbenu
2015-07-17 22:04:58
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Does the New Patriotic Party have Ghana at heart?

I am not sure but if you are the Koku Anyidoho the stupid cholesterol filled butterball, then I pity U .U are a coward.You sound pathetic and insecure by attacking NPP to hide NDC mismanagement, shame, incompetence and disgraceful admnistration. NDC is not focued. They are always looking back over their shoulders to see whether their dishonest, and wicked deals have been discovered. You have been in power as PNDC/NDC for about 30 years of Ghana's independence and you sit down and write to rather attribute Ghanas downfall and mess to NPP which is a minority and has ruled for just about 19 years. You want to cover your abysmal performance on some perceived danger in NPP the minority.You have sent Ghana debt to 90billion in just 6 years from 2009, when it was 8billion, with nothing to show and all what U can do is blame NPP for Ghanas precarious situation on NPP. You will be exposed in 2016 and you will gnash your teeth. Your tribal and vindictive anti-Asante tendencies which have divided Ghana will be exposed. We will expose you in Volta region and U wont take Volta for a monkee ride again, Useless man. Your desperation to retain power will translate into nothingness

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Koko Anyidohu is a fat homosexual on Jul 17, 2015 20:33
Charles Agbenu on Jul 17, 2015 22:04
Desperate Writer Clutching at Straws