Violence in our Elections

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Mensah Abrampa
2015-07-17 22:10:17
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Violence in our Elections

1. The Minister of Interior must be up and doing or must be replaced sooner than later before the violence gets out of hand. It's better for one NDC key player to lose a job than for the peace and stability of an entire nation to be compromised or lost altogether. During and after the thuggery and mob violence in Talensi the Interior Minister acted like the only lives that mattered to him were NDC lives. He's not NDC Minister of the Interior but the Minister of Interior for the entire nation. His actions and utterances during and after the electoral violence in Talensi left much to be desired. In the more advanced democracies Mr Woyongo would have either resigned or would have been fired for gross negligence of duty.
2. The Police experienced the. " deer in the headlights " syndrome. Their reaction in tense moments like this last one is both a function of fear and bewilderment. The police personnel avoid responsibility on the job for fear of losing the only job they ever hope to have in their entire lifetime. They prefer to duck any blame for doing the right thing. They made no arrests during and after the violence. Playing it safe is a human tendency but we must encourage our police organization to be apolitical. We will all be safer if the politicians allow a well trained and well resourced police organization to do its job without fear or favor. I don't know if the Ghana Police Service has an intelligence unit but if they do then it's just in the name only. A well trained and functional intelligence unit should have picked snippets of valuable information before the election that could have nipped in the bud the violence that characterized the election in Talensi. That it happened at all casts very ominous clouds of uncertainty and violence over the presidential and parliamentary elections in 2016.

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