Is Ghana Currently Being Ruled by Political Idiots?

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Comment: Absolutely yes.

2015-08-02 01:07:09
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Is Ghana Currently Being Ruled by Political Idiots

Yes, we are being ruled by political idiots. NDC is made up of uncouth hordes who have no clue about what governance is. They love spewing garbage that stinks to the highest heavens. What is good about a party that has people like Asiedu Nketia, Sam Nettey and Solomon Nkansah?

Asiedu Nketia, with all his wisdom, put on female coat and followed the president to Germany or whatever and what was the message? Why is Gen. Mosquito so sure that the gunman had links to NPP? What is he trying to achieve with such knee jerk attitude? What will NPP gain if Mahama is assassinated? When Mills died, who benefited or who ascended to the throne so, can we deduced that it was Mahama who orchestrated Mills death?

If a nation's destiny is placed into the hands the likes of Asiedu Nketia and co, what is the result? Chaos of unimaginable proportion engulfed us.

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Pelicles on Aug 2, 01:07