Is Ghana Currently Being Ruled by Political Idiots?

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Comment: As if Rockson Adofo

Abeeku Mensah
2015-08-02 13:45:54
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Is Ghana Currently Being Ruled by Political Idiots

All the ungrateful bastards in the Diaspora who take ultimate pleasure in collusion with local organizations, political and the pretentious intellectuals, to rain on the John Mahama parade, did not leave Ghana under the Mahama watch neither do they plan on returning to help Ghana if God gave them reasons to; most left since 1966.
Ghana is what it is because it has always been managed by people with classroom earned knowledge without wisdom, principles and moral foundation. Even the best amongst the chew, poor, pass and forget crowd rise to the top of Ghana's intellectual social and education structure not by misapplication of all the memorized book passages, theories and explanations to wrong questions. It is in the misapplication in Ghana of things learned and experienced in civilized and industrialized nations that account for most of downfall coupled with Diasporans who are driven by tribe and political party. Come home Rockson Adofo and all who think they have anything of value to give mother Ghana; the kingdom cannot be worn by sitting on the outside and throwing stones and eggs at politicians with ruggedized armour.

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Abeeku Mensah on Aug 2, 13:45
As if Rockson Adofo