Saga of Ghanaian birth certificate

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Comment: Nonsense

2015-11-02 23:03:35
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ghana is self dependency

Nonsense. What protection when there's no verification on documents you provide for the establishment of the birth certificates? You can just go to anyone in charge, pay any amount demanded and have exactly what you want, any name you want: I mean just anything you want on the birth certificate.

Go to other countries in West Africa. If you don't have a birth certificate at birth, you'd find it very tough to have them when you grow up. The reason being that, the number attributed to you at birth is going to be the number you'd have on all your official documents including national IDs and passport, among other things.

Ghana seems to be essentially, a country of fools and crooks to unrelenting limits. And politicians are happy with the name they're helping create for the country.

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Jasmine on Nov 2, 23:03