The Anas Expose: Is Mr Martin Amidu Out of Bounds?

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Comment: My take... u may not like, Kofi

2015-11-15 09:51:51
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The Anas Expose: Is Mr Martin Amidu Out of Bounds?

Kofi, I don't know if you are interpreting Amidu correctly.

In the first place, I think you're being very prejudicial in trying to even suggest (your operative word is "perhaps") that Amidu is doing what he is doing BECAUSE he wants to give the justices a defense or reprieve. Master Ata, that is only in YOUR imagination and nothing Amidu has done or written indicates that it is HIS intention.

Secondly, I may have missed something because I never read Amidu as saying that because Anas was commissioned by the government, his evidence could not be used against the justices. Amidu never stated anything like that. Perhaps that is your own interpretation/deduction which also led you to make the speculation referred to in my point one. Perhaps you can cite Amidu to support your assertion - that he (Amidu) thinks Anas' evidence should not be used against the bribe taking justices (and their helpers) who should then be set free. I will change my view on this upon conviction.

3. Perhaps you should not have described Amidu's "we northerners" statement as "racist". It may be wrong (demeaning) but it is not racist. If we all belong to the same race, then one of us cannot commit acts of racism against the other.

4. I think serious debaters like you, Kofi Ata, should desist from accusing people of "envy" or "hatred" or any such other sentimental things that can never be proven because they describe the psychological states of individuals. Let the argument be on the things we can concretely support with points. Saying somebody is consumed by hatred is not a valid argument because you cannot know if the person is really consumed by hatred. Ask Amidu and he will tell you he is not consumed by hatred. Who are you to say he is lying implying that you are not lying?

I don't think Amidu is making much of the "breach of privacy" argument so there is really no point in bringing it here. As far as I am concerned, even if he were still harping on it, it would be a relevant concern NOT because we want to get the fallen justices off the hook but because of concern for the general rights of the private individual in a democratic society. It seems you are not sensitive to this difference in the argument and you conflate a defense of individual rights with a defense of the fallen justices.

As for the Justice Marfu case, I am not conversant with it and will not comment on it.

I find your conclusions in your concluding paragraphs based more on sentiments rather than on concrete argument. It is saying, in effect, that Anas' work is so overwhelmingly in the public interest, is so groundbreaking and so vital to the fight against corruption in the country that no one should raise any issues against it.

Kofi, isn't that too blanket a request?

The other day, it was people making a distinction between govt commissioning Anas or sponsoring him. Amidu said commissioned. Yesterday, the President said sponsored - if the news reports are to be believed. So there is an argument to make. And we should make it.

I think Amidu should be allowed to have his say. When we see loopholes in his arguments, we should point them out and show how and why they are wrong. This is a national debate. It is a debate because we are not all singing one song of praise to one hero. No matter what happens hereafter, Anas' work is definitely a landmark and game changing move in the history of our country. But we still have to go from there...

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Godd on Nov 15, 2015 09:51
My take... u may not like, Kofi