The Anas Expose: Is Mr Martin Amidu Out of Bounds?

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2015-11-15 12:21:18
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Two issues

Well, British law may regard what Amidu said about northerners as racism but nobody in Ghana is going to understand that as "racism". The British don't use "tribalism" for themselves (that's for us) and they don't use ethnicism for themselves either. So they may have a different legal definition of racism from what we regard it. I don't know how Ghanaian law defines it or what USA or apartheid law defines it. Do you happen to know?

Yes, if the govt was involved, the use of the evidence could be problematic. It's an argument you've been making all along. Now Mahama says govt was not involved in this one but in some others. (I now see why Anas was issued with a special passport). What do you think are the legal implications (if any) of Anas' link with government on previous operations on the present one that govt is denying responsibility for?

I agree Amidu may be obfuscating his case by the numerous, at times disjointed and contradictory, statements he is issuing on almost a daily basis.

Looks like you know him personally. How old is he? It didn't say on the entry on his Wikipedia page. I want to know because I was arguing the other day that it was not Ghanaian for an elderly person to be so bent on trying to bring a person who can be his son down - and publicly too. I may be wrong about the age difference.

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Godd on Nov 15, 2015 12:21