The Anas Expose: Is Mr Martin Amidu Out of Bounds?

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Kwabena Yeboah
2015-11-15 19:23:06
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The Anas Expose: Is Mr Martin Amidu Out of Bounds?

Why don't you deal with the substantive issues Martin Amidu raised and stop the nonsense? What part of Amidu's postulations do you not understand? Amidu contends 1) Tiger Eye PI is an illegal entity operating undercover in democratic Ghana, with protection from its paymaster - the government; 2) Tiger Eye PI is a paid agent of the corrupt NDC government and Anas is being used to do the government's dirty bidding; 3) The corrupt NDC government has issued Anas a service passport as it is in collaboration with Anas' illegal activities.

These are the pertinent issues that Martin Amidu has raised, and very intelligent people in the country are deeply concerned about the flagrant abuse of the Constitution. Why do little minds always take pleasure in trivializing matters of life and death in our fledgling democracy. I think people should rather be appalled by Anas' double standards.

You should stand up and defend Ghana's Constitution at all cost, because without it our country is doomed. Defending the Constitution is the sole preoccupation of Martin Amidu as in all his postulations, he make references to Ghana's constitution.

What is the difference between what the corrupt Mahama and his minions in NDC are doing and Richard Nixon did in the 70s. Richard Nixon commissioned a group to spy on his political opponents, the Democrats, and was humiliated and lost his presidency. Here in Ghana, John Mahama and his NDC criminals are using the same method, spying on their enemies, and you have the temerity to criticize Martin Amidu for exposing the fraudulent Anas.

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Kwabena Yeboah on Nov 15, 2015 19:23