Is Dr Zanetor Rawlings Eligible to Contest Parliamentary Elections in 2016?

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Comment: The Evil That Jato Did Follows Him Pikin

Yaw Botah, Juaso-Ashanti
2015-12-01 06:45:31
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Is Dr Zanetor Rawlings Eligible to Contest Parliam

May the gods of make Rawlings suffer a painful emotional stress for the rest of his life for the following reasons:1). Rawlings seized properties of wealthy Akans, particularly Asantes, and distribute it among Votarians and Northerners. Addison of Fanti extraction had his cement factory collapse by Rawlings. B.A Mensah, the father of Herbert Mensah, had all his properties confisticated. Rawlings told Ghanaian not to buy Appiah Minkah's Apino soap. This same idiot forced Poku Transport and scores of others to exile, living their wealth behind, only for his Atinga-Trokosi weedheads to scramble for the spoil. 2). Not satisfied, Rawlings, together with Awonoo and Kojo Tsikata assembled Three Akan judges, including a nursing mother, killed and burnt their bodies to ashes. What a wicked and callous murderer? Again, this same buffoon assembled industrious Akan woman at Markola and Kumasi Central markets, stripped them naked and lashed them in their private parts.
For the above reasons I pity those greedy Akans, particularly Fantis, who are helping the Atinga-Trokosis to steal ghana's oil monies left, right center. What kills me is the 1 million dollars ex gratis paid to Tsatsu. I swear to God if Mahama did not retrieve our monies from Tsatsu and Esther Cobba, the wife he snatched from a colleague worker, we will hund their kids and family members in gorilla warfare, torcher and kill them, the same way Acheampong, Afrifa, Amedome, Utuka and others were mutilated. God bless my homeland Ghana and punish every single member of Mahama family for allowing every one to steal one million dollars free of charge.

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Yaw Botah, Juaso-Ashanti on Dec 1, 06:45
The Evil That Jato Did Follows Him Pikin