Is Dr Zanetor Rawlings Eligible to Contest Parliamentary Elections in 2016?

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Comment: Is that really so?

2015-12-01 11:26:32
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Is Dr Zanetor Rawlings Eligible to Contest Parliam

First of all, the intimation that Zanetor is being given special treatment because of her family is a very childish argument. Nobody, not even her own family, will accept a flouting of laid down regulations in order to promote her candidature. Favouritism cannot include flouting laws that the party being favoured has no control over. If party members vote for her because she is JJ's daughter, that's a different thing. If the party hierarchy succeeds in CONVINCING her opponents to drop out of the race as a favour to her, that's a different thing. But allowing her to break rules that are not set by NDC cannot be a favour.

If she is disqualified early enough, nothing prevents her from becoming a registered voter and filing in papers as an independent candidate, even though one aligned to the NDC, if the time allows her.

Thirdly, it is not accurate, the refer to Rawlings as the founder of NDC. It is better to refer to him as one of the founders or the man around him the party was founded. The NDC came about as the result of a collective effort by a number of people who thought JJ would be the best to lead such an effort. The idea of forming NDC never germinated from Rawlings' mind. Ask people like Obed Asamoah if Rawlings formed NDC and he will tell you no.

Is it an electoral offence to use money to influence people to vote in a particular way? Do you happen to know the relevant law, by law or regulation controlling that? It is certainly unethical but what are the specific laws one may cite?

I've seen you were in a huge hurry to dispatch this article to ghanaweb and left too many petty errors in place. Why the hurry?

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Bob on Dec 1, 11:26
Is that really so?