Is Dr Zanetor Rawlings Eligible to Contest Parliamentary Elections in 2016?

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Comment: Let Democracy Triumph

Dr. SAS, Attorney at Law
2015-12-01 12:43:23
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Is Dr Zanetor Rawlings Eligible to Contest Parliam

Even if Dr. Rawlings' name is not in the register, the fact that she has been voted for by her party supporters serves the ultimate democratic end. Under that circumstance, the registration becomes a minor technicality for which the highjackers of democracy are attempting to thwart the people's choice. I would not condone such mischief.

The woman has been elected to represent the NDC, and so be it. End of matter. The EC should thus construe the law to accommodate her situation even if she is not registered at present. Elsewhere, voter registration occurs throughout the year.....,

I write as one who hates the Rawlingses but loves democracy.

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Dr. SAS, Attorney at Law on Dec 1, 12:43
Let Democracy Triumph