Until When Will the Alleged Kumawuhene Barimah Sarfo Tweneboah Kodua Deceive Himself?

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Comment: full of it

2016-02-09 21:50:31
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STOP DREAMING: Ananangya/Odumase

Where do you always get your twisted facts from?. So where did the Ankaase people came from to deliver Kumawuman and what achievements are you talking about. I usually don't like to use stereotypes, but Kumawuman has suffered greatly from the kings who came from Ankaase including Asumadu Sakyi II who amounted to nothing but eating and befriending young girls. I hope by now you now the cases the other side is winning and the ones pending. But the most important thing is the rejection from subjects of the stool. We have seen multiple videos of celeberations from both side including when Barima Tweneboa Kodua V and the sub chiefs attended Kontihene's funeral, oh and the last Akwasidae where Dr Sarfo's thugs destroyed someone's information center, and now he is begging Kessben FM not to make it public, what a disgrace, who wants an idiot like that to rule over us??

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Di-Nokware on Feb 9, 21:50