Rejoinder: The Cargo called Nana Addo “Dankwah” Akufo-Addo

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Comment: That is not Osei Kofi's point, Wisdom

Game of Thrones
2016-02-21 03:42:45
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Stupid ndc fool

Osei kofi is simply saying that the writer should put his argument in a decent manner with cogent arguments that will convince people. The writer is doing more harm to his own cause by the manner he argues.

This reasoning has nothing to do with ndc fools. Perhaps osei kofi is even an npp man so what reasons do you have to call him ndc fool.

Surely, you are not WISDOM Klutse

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Game of Thrones on Feb 21, 2016 03:42
That is not Osei Kofi's point, Wisdom