Rejoinder: The Cargo called Nana Addo “Dankwah” Akufo-Addo

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Comment: he Cargo called Nana Addo “Dankwah” Akuf

Kanawu Gabby
2016-02-21 12:58:41
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Rejoinder: The Cargo Called Nana Addo “Dankwah

You just wasted our time and space for nothing. I thought you would've done your readers good by spelling the Dankwah well for your readers rather than engaging in vitriolic.
Either Dankwah, Dankwa, Danquah or Danqua the pronunciation remain the same.

On the more serious note, your Akufo Addo is the only man three Ghanaians could not write his name without foolish persons like you coming at them.

No wonder he is a serial loser because electorates find it hard to associate with him and his name

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Kanawu Gabby on Feb 21, 2016 12:58
he Cargo called Nana Addo “Dankwah” Akuf