Courtesy for drivers/mate

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2016-02-21 11:53:12
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Courtesy for drivers/mate

Your story is true because i have also experienced same a few times whilst onboard our local Trotros. Initially, one would have thought it's the market women with their food wares onboard that can cause embarrasment, but no, it's rather the unkempt nature of these drivers' mates which is disgusting, as said.

The idea of commuting on Trotro does not necessarily mean one does not have a car or cannot affrod the taxi fare. Personally, it's the kick that comes with it that thrills me to board a Trotro.

It's during these short journeys that i get exposed to passengers opinions, arguements, diasagreements, gossips etc, in the meantime, pretendind not to understand what they're talking about.

Besides the embarassment one goes through, i mostly get out of the Trotro with a smile on my face.

Massa, sometimes home can be tough, reasons enough to look out for some sense of humour, which is mostly free of charge in the Trotros'.

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