Is Nana Akufo Addo & NPP indeed “patapaa?”

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Comment: Wake up to realities man!

Michellin Stephenson Mpare
2016-04-12 15:30:43
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Is Nana Akufo Addo & NPP Indeed “Patapaa?”

Sia sem. Everything is now posted on net. If you have nothing to write, go and farm. You just come to pour your ignorance and frustration in the name of politics. You are not correct a bit. A president in waiting my foot. He will continue to be in waiting till thy kingdom come.
Grow above petty politics and never leave your brains behind next time you want to write something for publication.

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Chuks, Tudu on Apr 12, 2016 09:27
Michellin Stephenson Mpare on Apr 12, 2016 15:30
Wake up to realities man!