Message for Ghanaians on Election 2016

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V. Populi
2016-06-04 09:46:21
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Message for Ghanaians on Election 2016

A counter message for Ghanaians.
I see that some people do not like the bitter truth. But the fact is that the way and manner in which your Nana Addo has handled the different issues and the divergent views in your party amply demonstrates that he is the most incompetent of all the 2016 flagbearers. Why do some people insist on foisting such a living, breathing, walking disaster on the good people of Ghana? Are they bamboozled by the English he speaks? It is one thing speaking good English, it is another thing having the right acumen for leadership. By the way, what is Nana's track record as a minister of whatever? as a parliamentarian? as a legal practitioner or legal luminary as some people prefer to refer to him. I'll be back with more.

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