On Mahama’s furtive gift: Mills and Amidu have been vindicated

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Charles Agbenu
2016-06-17 14:42:52
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2016 is for JOHN MAHAMA

Aponkye's shameful display of tribalism to get power. We are witnessing tyranny of the Ewes/Northeners in Ghanas political set up. We will oppose their lies and confront the immoral behaviour and their perennial attempt to play victims of some imaginary persecution to court undeserved sympathy. Ghana will make the right judgement during voting day. To hell with NDC mediocrity , NDC Ewe / Northern hegemony.

People say Asantes feel superior to Northerners. Its true but I say all those who say that are hypocrites. In fact, all the Southern tribes traditionally feel superior to the Northerners . I have lived in all the Southern regions and I confirm that Asantes, Fantes, Akims, Akuapems, Sefwis, Kwawus, Brongs etc all call Northerners "pepefoo: or " ntafoo". I tell you Ewes also call them "dzogbadzitor": Gas call them "suno" to despise them. I am annoyed with NDC who give everday impression that Asantes alone despise Notherners to court Northen votes against NPP. This must stop. I tell you, Ewes are worse. They despise northerners more than any tribe but they hide it. Because very few hear Ewe language the everyday mischief they play on northerners is hidden.

We are all one and I will expose every tribe who wants to take advantage of tribalism in our politics.

If any Northerner thinks Ewes respect them, he should think twice. Inflated self esteem? EWES are worst.

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Charles Agbenu on Jun 17, 2016 14:42