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John Mahama conned by his in-house maffias?

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Comment: Re: John Dramani Mahama Conned By His In-House Maf

crass criminal.
2016-06-25 08:24:54
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John Dramani Mahama Conned By His In-House Mafias?

This is a good matured article full of intuition. However cronyism and nepotism is not only limited to governance. It cuts across virtually all public institutions. Public institutions that are supposed to help in the process of sound governance are completely paralyzed in the hands of incompetent and irresponsible hands at the helm of affairs. The same cronyism and nepotism informed these appointments. Mediocrity, sycophancy, opportunism, naked stealing and wealth grabbing by selfish individuals abound in the Mahama government. It is indeed a mafia.

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