Gender equality: Why does class struggle matter for women's liberation

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Comment: Can't recognise women in yr description!

2016-07-08 13:34:00
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Gender equality: Why does class struggle matter fo

It's true that women don't have the same status as men in the Ghanaian society but it seems the picture you paint applies only to the section of women in rural areas in Ghana.

Moat middle class Ghanaian women have today proven themselves very capable of doing many things and, in certain respects, surpassing men. It's only very few Ghanaians today who think a woman's place belongs exclusively to the home and not the workplace outside the home.

Your concern should be addressed specifically to the women at the bottom rung of things and the uneducated men who don't think women deserve better.

But your article did not address the concerns of the title - the class struggle as it involves women. The worst of women are the poor ones. Women with middle class parents are doing well.

But what is an "anfractuous society"? Couldn't you find another word we can all understand?

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