Supreme Court's rulings in favor of Zanetor and implications for political parties

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Comment: Zenator SC Ruling

Osman Adam Sagnarigu
2016-07-20 04:37:09
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Has the Zenator SC Ruling any Implications for Pol

Ata, it appears you've misconstrued the reason/s why the feuding parties went to the court. SC ruling was not to interpret NDC constitution. Rather, at law, to answer if "unregistered Ghanaian could represent a political party as a candidate". SC relied on the relevant sections of article 94 to answer that question, and not to interpret NDC party constitution. The SC ruling has exposed a deficiency found in some Party Constitutions about who can contest a primaries. The SC ruling implied that, so far as there is an opportunity / chance to register as a voter, one is eligible until the voter roll is closed for the ensuing election. As simple as that.

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Osman Adam Sagnarigu on Jul 20, 2016 04:37
Zenator SC Ruling