Supreme Court's rulings in favor of Zanetor and implications for political parties

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2016-07-20 14:33:09
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Dissapointing SC

I'm not a lawyer but I don't agree with your comment about the ruling on NHIS cards being retrospective. Are you saying that if someone who registered with NHIS cards at the age of 18years, be allowed to use the card for the next 70 years or the person's life time? At what point do you cut off the use of those cards without affecting some of the people who used it to register? Parliament passed the NHIS card law in 2012 which has now been deemed unconstitutional. Why do we have to perpetuate unconstitutionality if we know it is wrong? All parliamentary laws are subject to constitutional controls as interpreted by the Supreme Court. If a person is convicted by a law enacted by parliament and the law is later found to be unconstitutional on appeal to the Supreme Court, that person is set free. We don't keep the person in jail with the excuse that the conviction happened before the Supreme Court decision.

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EBBY on Jul 20, 2016 14:33
Re: Dissapointing SC