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Afari Gyan cheapened the acquisition of Ghanaian nationality

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2016-07-26 12:36:48
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Blame Parliament

NDCfuo, NDCfuo Onyame betua moka baako,baako. If you don't get it today, you will get it tomorrow and the next and even on your dying bed. Ghana will be built again, Ghana haters will never succeed in their evil intents. Gbevlo Lartey is a Togolese by his name, the name originate from Aneho in Togo. These people from Aneho have the same names as Gas but they are Ayigbe from Togo. Gbevlo Lartey might be riding on the back of his Ghanaian wife but the guy is a Togolese, he has no heart for Ghanaians, he is insensitive to Ghanaians and don't care about Ghanaians so are most people who come here to comment who are from Burkina Faso and Togo but residing in Ghana. Ghanaians from the 3 northern regions and the Volta region who are feeling the heat of this government feel sorry for their country because they have nowhere apart from Ghana and they think of good governance for the people of this country. These foreigners must leave our country to the people of Ghana to decide for their fate.

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MAA on Jul 26, 2016 12:36
Re: Blame Parliament