Afari Gyan cheapened the acquisition of Ghanaian nationality

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Comment: Adofo, Your Ignorance is Mind Blowing

2016-07-26 15:30:36
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Kwadwo Afari Gyan of the Electoral Commission Chea

Mr Adofo your article does not tell the real truth. Have you Mr Adofo Rockson taken the trouble to scrutinize the Ghanaian passport form? Had you done that, you might not have gone ahead to write this shallow article which simply is made up of half truths and lies.

For your information, the passport form is designed into many segments which also asks the applicant to indicate his/her nationality. This means if you are a Nigerian, you will not write Ghanaian because there are penalties for lying on the form. You also have to attach your birth cert as proof of nationality. There is a column that requires you to attach certain documents such as an old passport, birth cert, Voter ID, National ID Card, etc. You are expected to indicate which of these cards you have attached to your application form. You are also expected to indicate two (2) of your close family members and their addresses as referees and there should be guarantor of a certain rank (Captain and above if the guarantor is a Military officer, a Reverend Minister and others).

All these information are analyzed before a passport is issued. The Passport Office does not just get up and issue passports to anyone who presents any form of identity.

Mr Adofo also said "the Supreme Court should have ordered for an entirely new national registration of voters where known immigrants could have been challenged because they are obviously known to many in the communities they live." This statement shows glaringly the ignorance of Mr Adofo. During the compilation of the voters register, there were party agents at each polling station who were to check the nationality of anyone coming to register. Providing NHIS cards was just another form of identification. That alone was not the only form of identification since the agents who reside in that community and therefore knew residents and can differentiate between a Ghanaian and a foreigner.

Mr Adofo should know that during the period Nana Akuffo-Addo was the Foreign Minister, OVER 170 diplomatic passport booklets got "missing" from his custody and one of those passports was later found to be used by one of his drug baron friends. Now that we depend on passports, who knows the volume of foreigners some of them drug dealers who are on our voters list.

If the SC had asked for a new register, what guarantee is there that more foreigners will not register since even diplomatic passport booklets got missing while in the custody of Nana Akufo-Addo?

Mr Afari Gyan NEVER asked the Passport Office to accept NHIS cards (refer above). I just don't know where Mr Adofo got the idea from; is it understanding the English language or selective reportage, he should know that using the NHIS as one of the identities for registration was not forced on us by Dr Afari Gyan but was accepted by all.

Mr Adofo stated at the end of his article that we should "Stay tuned for more info on election 2016 in relation to the plots likely hatched by Mrs Charlotte Osei to assist President Mahama and the NDC hang on to power. But she will fail, for Ghanaians are in their large numbers calling for a change of government and there shall be a change no matter what! That is interesting - that there will be a change no matter what the rest of us decide, it will go his way and his way alone. That's sad and will bring mayhem. He should tell us what the EC is planning to subvert the electoral process.

I wish to strongly advise him to be more honest and factual and should not present another hollow article like the one above.

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Adongo on Jul 26, 2016 15:30
Adofo, Your Ignorance is Mind Blowing