Afari Gyan cheapened the acquisition of Ghanaian nationality

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Comment: Agyimisem Ara Kwa! He Wasn't Immigration

G. K. Berko
2016-07-27 11:12:57
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Kwadwo Afari Gyan of the Electoral Commission Chea

Agyimisem sei ara kwa!! Let the old man rest in Peace for the little life left for him on this Planet. He has done his part. He successfully led the Nation through 2 decades of resurrected Democracy, amidst massive stagnation in literacy and other basic infrastructure.

The Nation had gone without any well-established national identification system since Independence. And you blame Afari Gyan for that? You've lost it, pal.

Meanwhile, Afari Gyan was not in charge of assigning Ghanaian Citizenship to anyone. He was not responsible for establishing who was a Ghanaian and who wasn't. Neither did he take up the role of the Immigration Service to award Citizenship to migrant.

His only and prime duty was to see that all folks eligible to vote could vote in peace and successfully without any unnecessary impediment. The process for the Electoral Commission to verify a potential voter's Citizenship was intrinsically limited by the sheer lack of a well grounded National Identity credentials. And that was not Afari Gyan's making. He was rightly to ensure that no eligible voter was disenfranchised. The various Governments including both the major Parties', NPP and NDC Administrations, supervised his work for, at least, two consecutive terms each. And none of the Administrations complained about how he did his work then.

All of sudden, Akufo-Addo, the Akyem Mafia Don comes along and he and his minions have tons of complaints about Afari Gyan's work he had been doing. The funny irony is that Akufo-Addo was the Attorney-General in one of those Governments and did nothing, absolutely nothing to address whatever problem he saw with Afari Gyan's work then. What a bunch of hypocritical bigots you guys are!! You have proven beyond doubt how dishonest and guileful you are, even to fellow NPP members. You surely are living your notorious mantra of 'All die be die..' to grab the Presidency for the incompetent, misfit Akufo-Addo. Why not drop him off to let Bawumia take over the Flagbearership, for Christ's sake?

Long Live Ghana!!!

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G. K. Berko on Jul 27, 2016 11:12
Agyimisem Ara Kwa! He Wasn't Immigration