How could we have guaranteed the EC's total deletion

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2016-07-27 19:47:23
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How Could We Have Guaranteed the EC’s Total Dele

I am worried people who project themselves to by learned can not reason before talking.
Ok, now in today's Ghana, everybody talks by heart. Actually they talk before the think.
Please note there are issues the are free for all. And there are other issues that hinge on our constitution. Everyone who wishes to talk or write in any of such issues need to read, study and understand the constitutional provision on the subject matter before commenting on it.
The EC and its work has detailed constitutional guidelines which can not and should not set aside for anyone. Why should Ramadan and co be appointed to go supervise the deletion list of NHIS card holders from the voters register when only officials of the EC are mandated to do such job? Do we really understand what we are asking for? The fact that some people doubt the integrity of the chairperson does not she is dishonest. You are entitled to your own opinion but if we are to go by people's opinions about appointed official, no single individual will fit our criteria in today's Ghana as everyone has doubters and haters.
Pls leave the EC alone to work. The staff are our own brothers and sisters and they can deliver if we all do our work well.
Let's Stop the partisan politics,it's tearing our nation apart.

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