Conviction of Montie-FG gang

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Comment: Wrong judgement

2016-07-31 17:25:36
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Conviction of Montie-Fm Gang

Mr rogue professor don't so happy with the ruling and read onion by one Alta ;although the three Mountie rthetoric were inappropriate but the ruling is really biased and undemocratic;the fact that attorney general didn't react means the presiding judge must use as excuse to set that rugue punishment..come on prof. Be real,who knows if the presiding judge also influenced by opposition party which to every readers think the same i.we are so niece and bombard erred by politics allowing politics taking over everything going in the country..should attorney general take hold of every little thing?..he'll know then what is the use of our institutions ..the sentence of the three Mounties are fraud.

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Dessie on Jul 31, 2016 17:25