Is the Supreme Court seeking revenge or administering justice?

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Comment: Kofi, You Have Said It All !!!

Jojo Hammond, New Jersey
2016-07-31 00:56:26
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Kofi, if you are not a lawyer as you always state, then you have not only put our so-called lawyers in Ghana to shame, you have also taught them a thing or two.

Why do counsel engaged to defend their clients, only appear before the Courts, in this case the Supreme Court, and plead guilty and thus legitimize the subsequent sentencing of their clients? They should bow their heads in shame !!!

The Montie 3 deserve not much sympathy for their despicable utterances. Having stated that, even murderers are given their fair day in court.

I heard your friend, Prof Asare on Asempafm the other day and was impressed with his view on the subject. If, as a country, we give too much power to any branch of our government, we will live to suffer the consequences one day, and we would have only ourselves to blame.

The court room is not a place for vengeance, it is, and must always be, a place to seek justice, and justice must not only be done but must also be seen to be done.

Thanks for your powerful piece, Kofi.

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Jojo Hammond, New Jersey on Jul 31, 2016 00:56
Kofi, You Have Said It All !!!
Kwaku Azar on Jul 31, 2016 15:26